Spiritual awakening is a profound and indescribable experience. I have had two awakenings — one in 1986 and one in 2012. For years I have referred to the awakenings as “flicks on the forehead.” Although each flick lasted only seconds, both occurrences consisted of a few profound words from a distinct, loud, kind, androgynous and unknown voice. Each message was then followed by moments of my life and the world around me flashing before my eyes. The messages were so beautiful, clear and simple. Each flick drastically altered my perception of myself, the human race, nature and the world. 

My own understanding of the flicks continues to unfold. I have surrendered many times to the fact that the mind cannot fully understand the forehead flicks. I cannot “think” my way to understanding them. When I have tried to analyze them or explain them, my words and thoughts cover up the blissful simplicity of it all. When I’ve tried to explain the simple messages to others, their own analytical thoughts and disbelief inevitably hide the message. 

So, what does one do when he or she has had awakening flicks that few people seem to get or understand? Lots of different things, as I’m sure you do, too, while you’ve been meandering through your life journey. Foremost, I found that giving of my time and full attention to who or what is in front of me is the greatest gift I can ever give. I’ve mostly sat with people, listened to them and put myself aside to be present with them. And now, despite the awkward vulnerability, I am moved to put what I’ve seen and learned out there for whomever is interested. 

I have three life narratives:

1) Academic and professional

2) The very real ups, downs and in-between life moments I’ve experienced

3) The forehead flicks. This narrative has influenced the other two more then I can describe. 

Who am I? I’m just another human being. Instead of being gifted with an innate understanding of astrophysics, adept dancing or singing skills, or being an accomplished 3-D tattoo artist, I received two radiant flicks that altered me. I prefer to sit and witness. I sit and witness people, and I sit and witness nature. Sitting and witnessing are my things. And since the first flick, I have sat with and witnessed thousands of people from all walks of life. 

Every one of the thousands of people with whom I’ve sat and listened have sought to break free of whatever suffering they personally have or are enduring. As I’ve witnessed them during these infinitesimal moments, I tried to sooth them with flick messages. Now I hope to bring the messages of the flicks to you in a way that is simple, digestible and humorous. 

Life itself is the greatest enigma. The human desire to figure out life can be sometimes daunting and sometimes hysterical. That is because you, and everyone and everything around you, are constantly in a process of becoming. Doesn’t leave much to put your finger on. 

I wish that you find some comfort in these words. And if you curse me, that’s fine, too. I’m not interested in learning about the engineering behind combustible engines and I don’t surmise everyone is interested in my flicks. That’s the brilliant nutty beauty of being here.

Whoever you are, wherever you reside, whatever you choose — my only wish is to add to the kindness you may be inclined to pick up and to dust it with humor. And if you desire to believe it, then terrific. And if you trust your own process of becoming, then brilliant! And if you toss it out and spit on it, then sublime!  

I’ve learned that even though I choose to be present to a bumble bee, it doesn’t mean it won’t sting me.

Big hugs and love during your own process of becoming, wherever that journey of unfolding takes you!

Mel Snell


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The Man

My  husband - well - he's my best friend, fellow life philosophizer, muse and humor bringer. He regularly gives me encouragement and feedback on my own process of becoming. He also gives me feedback on the writing. He's the bees knees!

Editor - Brad Dunevitz

Brad has been a colleague and friend of mine for years. He is not only a terrific editor,  he's a kind deep soul whose support is immeasurable. And, if you notice typos - that's me messing up his editorial before I put stuff out. :) 

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